proBLAC is re-energized #AF

Image courtesy of @hannah_hansanitizer

proBLAC a group in Omaha, NE that has been making a lot of noise all summer! proBLAC's "goal is to create an organizing space where Black and Indigenous voices are uplifted and prioritized, with support and space for allies to listen and take action as well." Over the second weekend of August, they help a 3 night occupation on the corner of 11th & Howard, in Omaha, NE.

Image courtesy of @hannah_hansanitizer

On 07/25/2020 they led a peaceful march on the Omaha streets from downtown to The Old Market and back. The Omaha Police Department kettled and mass arrested over 100 peaceful protesters on a bridge, only 2 blocks away from ending their march.

Since the incident, proBLAC has seen an increase in allies and members joining their ranks to fight injustice and racism in Omaha, NE.

One of their main goals is to defund the Omaha Police Department by reallocating funds to social groups. proBLAC believes that by addressing issues in rougher neighborhoods at the root, crime will in turn reduce eliminating the need for a hyper-militarized police force

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May observers walking by shared kind words with the demonstrators however some also stood in opposition. Some observers believed that defunding the police is not a wise idea to promote. This man stated that he was "anti-BLM", and believes the movement to be racist.

Across the nation, and the world, there have been may protests and riots since George Floyd was murdered on 05/25/2020 in Minneapolis, MN. However throughout proBLAC's formation and demonstrations, they have remained peaceful. One can find that all proBLAC's events are filled with music, chants, and love. There is an aura of hope, positivity, and resilience. The group is motivated and determined more than ever to make a difference in their community and set an example for the rest of the nation to follow.

Image courtesy of @hannah_hansanitizer